The Foundation with Ben Properjohn

Date 2021-08-28-2021-08-31
Location12A Milanion Crescent, Carindale
What does a foundation class explore?
Imagine your life is built on a foundation made up of two layers.
The bottom layer is all the beliefs, limitations patterns and programming instilled in by this society, family and culture and educational system which we have built our life around.
The second layer is all the thoughts, feelings, emotions and fears that drive them.
These two layers are the basis on which we create and build our lives, our identity and our personality.
These shape every aspect of our life including love-life, relationships, mental and emotional well-being, physical health, money flows and wealth, career success, personal interests, lifestyle, attitudes and values, life purpose, and spirituality.
Often the ingredients used in building this foundation of life lock us into limited choices, leaving life feeling dysfunctional, unhealthy, unpleasant, and unfulfilling.
In a foundation class we shine a light on all of it, prise it all apart, and recreate it so, instead of being stuck with a fixed and immovable foundation, you can create a mobile platform giving you the freedom to move through life in any way you choose!
Ben Properjohn CF is facilitating this 4 day exploration and adventure through all the building blocks of life – with no limitations!
We would love to make it ease for you to join us, so please message or phone for more info or any questions!
Ben Properjohn – Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator – 0408 887 312
Caroline Watson – Event host – 0403 089 810
To connect with other participants, or easily invite friends and family, click ‘Going’ in the Facebook event page
Please note:
Access Bars 1 day practitioner class is a pre-requisite for this class. Please contact us to explore the possibilities if you haven’t yet been to a Bars Class.
Each day will run from 9am to 5pm with a break for lunch.
You are welcome toBYO lunch each day, or we can head to a local cafe.
Refreshments will be provided for morning and afternoon tea breaks.
Massage tables will be set up to enjoy bars and other body processes.