Talk to the Entities Intro & Beginning

Date 3 June 2022-5 June 2022
LocationQi Health Australia Studio 567 Redland Bay Rd, Capalaba, QLD
What if spirit awareness is a potency and gift?
What if spirits are all around us and it is natural and normal to see them, perceive them, sense them and even communicate with them?
As children, most of us see spirits, and then we cut this capacity off as we get older in fear of being made wrong, or told that we’re crazy.
Many people are made wrong and driven to varying levels of angst, depression and in severe cases insanity by their un-acknowledged and misunderstood capacities with the spirit world.
What if you could have ease with the spirit world?
What if you could learn to communicate with past loved ones, clear spirits that were not contributing to you, receive money from them, and even co-operate with them with ease?
Welcome to the wonderful tools of Talk To The Entities®, where you will learn how to do just that!
Gaining greater consciousness with the spirit world will enhance the ease, joy and consciousness of your entire life. Is that something you desire?
Hint: You do not have to see or hear spirits to have a capacity with them.
“I myself didn’t believe I had any gifts with Entities until I took my first class.
During that class I was empowered to know that my anxiety, depression, low energy and overeating were all Entity awareness.”
Some of the subjects covered in this series by Ashlee will be:
– Getting out of Fear and into Potency with Entities
– Trusting you
– Everything you should have been told about Entities that you weren’t
– Identifying your Entity awareness signs
– Clearing Entities
– Receiving from Entities
– Co-operating with Entities
– Communicating with Entities -> including flow chart for ease of communication
– Different Kinds of Entities
– And much, much more
– Intro: June 3, 6:30pm – 8:30pm AEST (online)
– Day 1: June 4, 9:30am – 5:30pm AEST
– Day 2: June 5, 9:30am – 5:30pm AEST
– Capalaba, Brisbane
– Online via Zoom
– Australian residents: $1375 AUD
– All other residents: $1375 USD (Country pricing applies)
– 70% repeat pricing applies
– One potent manual of tools
– Recordings of class
– Access Bars® class at anytime

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