Operation Underground Railroad Fundraiser – Day 2

Date 15 August 2020-15 August 2020
LocationBend and Fly Yoga Studio 1/208 Montague Rd, West End

Operation Underground Railroad exists to rescue children from sex slavery around the world.
While many of us work on the sidelines healing trauma and raising consciousness to help shine a light on the dark parts of society and catalyse and energetic shift, the brave team at OUR enter those dark places daily in their minds and bodies to rescue the beautiful souls who have been subjected to horrors I don’t even want to comprehend.
What would the world be like if OUR wasn’t even required any more? What would it take to create that? What contribution can we be to freedom, ease and joy for all?

This event, on a Saturday afternoon, provides you with the opportunity to experience an Access Bars session in exchange for a donation to O.U.R. ALL proceeds will be going to OUR.

1. Please make your donation of $30 for 30mins or $60 for 60mins direct to OUR via https://bit.ly/OUR_Thriving

2. AND book your preferred timeslot via the ticketing link

And check out the Facebook event – Invite your friends too!

What even is BARS? Here’s a little info https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/micrositesfolder/accessbars/what-is-access-bars/