Access Energetic Facelift 1 day Class

Date 26 July 2020-26 July 2020
Location13 Lennox Close, Manly West

Want to present a more youthful generative appearance in the world? Want to change how you relate to your body? Then this class will open up that possibility and more. This class teaches you the hand positions for a full energetic facelift session and all of the beautiful nurturing energies that are activated for this process. After gifting and receiving two sessions, class participants walk out with a new found sense of communion and gratitude with and for their bodies, often accompanied by physical changes and a greater sense of ease in their own skin.

Each class is practitioner level (with certificate to prove it), enabling you to add it to your current client offerings or build a new income for yourself. You may also participate in swaps with other practitioners, AND you can also use it to treat your family and friends to some extra special TLC. The choice is yours!

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