JanelleAccess Body Processes

Yesterday I slipped getting out of the SUV. It was a very nasty fall to the concrete. I hurt my knees and wrist and bruised my ankle after my shoe came off as I must have hit the car door while falling. I made an appointment later on, and turned up probably 8 hours after the incident occurred. My injuries I was unsure of, but I felt pain in my knees during the day when I tried to bend down it was severe pain. My stomach hurt and was swollen and tender, almost like I hurt inside somehow. I told her where my pain was and she placed her hands on different parts of my body. Last night before bed I realised that my knees were no longer in that gut wrenching pain and my stomach was feeling back to normal with no painful pressure. Today I feel like I didn’t even have that nasty fall, besides a tender part on the outside of my foot from the bruising . Thanks so much!! This mumma bear is feeling back to herself today and I’m super grateful that any injury and pain has shifted

RachaelAccess Energetic Facelift

I recently had an Energetic Facelift with Caroline. It was such a relaxing experience! My energy levels lifted immediately (that’s saying a lot as a mum of 3 boys under 6). I slept soundly and the abundance of energy stayed for days.


It’s shown me how important it is for me to take time out to give myself this. I’m going to send my best friend to see you too

BiljanaAccess Bars

I must say that immediately I felt different. Like the heavy burden have been lifted from my shoulders. I feel more confident to face the world and do not get so affected by others negative energies!

Would you like to have more ease in your life and body?

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. What if it were as simple as laying down for an hour or so and re-learning to receive?